Advanced Training Group 


Advanced Training Group Worldwide is comprised of veteran special operators providing high level tactical training, consulting, security and related equipment. While servicing a wide variety of federal agencies, law enforcement and military clients, ATG also provides American citizens the opportunity to receive cutting edge training to defend their homes and families.  Train with America's best tactical training command.     

"Your Tactical Experts!"


We are Protectors

of family, friends, and country.

American Patriots

skilled in advanced tactics and extremely capable.

Loyalty, discipline, honor, and respect

are forged throughout our character.

We train

for precision, excellence, and effectiveness,

vowing to never abuse our skills.

We hold ourselves

to the highest standards, with integrity above reproach,

in all aspects of life.

We are a part of something exceptional.

Vigilant shepherds,

seeking knowledge and harboring vision.

We will never quit.

We are ATG!